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SEO Agency For Podiatrists in Louisville

Are you looking to attract more new patients to your podiatry practice?

Smart idea…let’s face it, having your practice found in google is essential, not only for consistently generating new patients, but also for your current clients to find you.

Great news, SEO Profit Maximiser is ready to help. We have over 20 years of experience in helping health practitioners improve their search engine optimisation and website rankings and generating thousands of new clients for practitioners just like you.

And with our SEO packages, you can find a program that will match your budget and needs.

Or if you don’t think you want a complete search engine optimisation package, we also offer a la carte products as well.

Because the founder of SEO Profit Maximiser is a health practitioner, we know first hand how how important this is to your practice. In addition, we also understand how frustrating it can be to find a good SEO company.

Guaranteed SEO Results For PodiatristsSo we create a SEO guarantee to give you peace of mind. We are so confident that if you buy one of our packages and you do not see a significant improvement in your rankings, then we will refund ALL of our fees.

Yes you heard it right, we are so confident in our white hat service, we back it up with a promise.

SEO Factors Every Podiatry Website Must Have To Rank in 2021

1. Trust

For your business website to be found, google needs to “trust” your site.  Trust comes from a variety of factors including:

  1. Page speed (loading times less than 4 seconds are idea)
  2. User Experience (is navigation clear and easy)
  3. On Page SEO (does your content, titles, tags all match what people are searching for)
  4. Natural SEO Process (are you doing white hat steps that google recommends and trusts OR have you had some blackhat things done that could reduce googles trust)

2. Authority

Is your website recognised as an authority? What makes a website have authority in Google’s eyes?

  1. If you have a website that has newspapers and media outlets linking to it, google will automatically think you have some authority.
  2. Do you have high quality links from other websites that have authority?  This is an easy way to use another websites authority to pass on to your website.
  3. Do you have a lot of content and do you put content up regularly? Again, this is a sign of website authority.
  4. Do you have people commenting in social media and mentioning your website?  Websites with great authority do.

So how do you develop trust and authority? It all start with…

On Page SEO For Podiatry Websites in Louisville

When it comes to attracting more new patients via improved google rankings, it’s important to ensure you have the correct steps done in order.

In other words, to makes sure we have a solid foundation before we start “powering up” your website.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen it time and time again where companies have started the SEO process in the wrong order.  The result is a waste of time and money.  Two things we hate to hear.  

So what are the correct steps?

The first step it to make sure everything on your website is set up correctly.  So before we begin doing anything the first step we do is go through your website with a fine tooth comb. We will look at:

  • Current Rank (with a 3rd party tool)
  • Your google map position (with a 3rd party tool)
  • User experience
  • Page Loading Speed
  • Meta Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Keywords
  • Internal & External page linking
  • Appropriate pages
  • Appropriate amount of keyword to content ratio


And more…

Ok, so you’ve now got a solid SEO foundation, what’s next? 

Building SEO Trust For Podiatrist Websites in Louisville

Above, we started talking about how important it is for Google to “trust” your websit.  And we’ve completed step one On Page SEO.  So what can we do to start building a high level of trust right away?

We’ve found the best way to do this is to do a press release.

You see having your website mentioned in the media gives your podiatry website a huge amount of trust points with google. 

And at SEO Profitmaximiser, we have a press release process that will get your website mentioned in hundreds of media outlets!  

But we don’t leave it there.  Because if you’re superstar website all of a sudden is being mentioned in media outlets, wouldn’t it also make sense that people are also talking about your site in social media?  

Yep, and so what we do is throw in hundreds of comments about your website in social media.  This is called a social media signal. 

Now to be clear, the social media signal isn’t a post.  Rather it’s where someone comments on a post with a link back to your website.

Pretty cool isn’t it…And…this is all done in month 1 of our packages, so you will see some pretty impressive results fairly quickly

Remember…everything we do is about making sure what we are doing looks completely natural to google.  

Ok, so you’ve got a press release and some social media signals, so now we’ve just won some big “trust kudos” with google, what’s next?

Well, it depends on the SEO package you purchased.

Some additional steps we will take in month 1 might include:

  • Diamond Yext Citations (USA only)
  • Platinum Citations (Australia, UK)
  • Local Relevance Network (helps google maps)
  • Web 2.0 backlinks
  • PBN Backlinks started being built 

Ok, so month one is finished, what’s next…

We’ve started building trust, now it’s time to continue to build more trust, AND now we will start to build Authority. 

Building SEO Authority Podiatry Websites in Louisville

Now it’s time to build authority.  Remember as we’ve discussed, authority comes from how many other websites want to link back into your site AND how much content is on your website. 

At SEO Profit Maximiser, we go out and purchase domains that for whatever reason are no longer being used, but have a huge amount of authority.  So someone created a website, did some SEO work on it and now for whatever reason, they no longer want to use this site. 

So these sites go up for sale and we buy them for $200, $300, and even $1000 at a time and then we have ongoing maintenance costs.  This is why SEO ongoing isn’t a “cheap” process, but it certainly will pay off in the long run with the additional patients you attract into your practice.

SIDE NOTE: If you track how many new patients come from your website and  you can prove this, your website becomes a asset that can be “rented” or “sold” at some stage down the track.  But I digress, let’s get back to how we build domain (website) authority

In addition to buying these powerful websites, we also create “mini” websites that link back to your website.

And we create ongoing content on your website and off your website.

All of this adds up to a lot of domain authority over time.

And it means your practice can and will dominate in the local search engines. 

Before we go any further though, it’s important we also talk about Google Maps (google my business or GMB)

Google My Business For Podiatry Practices in Louisville

Let’s face it, being in the top 3 of the google my business maps is definitely a key position for any local service business.  The difference between being in position 1 and position 4 has a massive impact on your bottom line AND being able to serve more patients.

The work we are doing on your website will certainly help in also improving your map pack (google my business) ranking. 

But we don’t suggest we stop there.  You can purchase specific google map pack packages or add ons if required.  

Here are a few of the services we include in our google my business ranking packages

  • Diamond & Platinum Citations (these are amazing and we clean up bad citations)
  • Press Releases for Google Maps (it’s like adding gas/petrol to fire)
  • SEO Local Relevance Pages Offsite which forces google to see your practice as “locally relevant”
  • SEO Local Pages Onsite
  • Google Review Service

Off Page SEO For Podiatry Websites

Off page SEO is as it sounds, off your website.  This is a process where we will build links from a variety of sources. PBN’s, Press Releases, Social Signals, Citations, and more that all link back into your website. 

Please note, we carefully vet every link that goes back to your practice website to ensure what we are doing is white hat and natural looking to prevent google penalties.


FREE Podiatry Website Audit in Louisville

So what’s next…

Well if you’ve made it this far, you will have a pretty solid understanding of not only SEO, but how you can get better rankings for your practice and attract more new clients. 

So the next step is to either schedule a time to chat and get a FREE SEO Quote or to have a FREE SEO Audit done on your website (or both).

Here’s a link to the FREE audit  & Here is a link to schedule a time to speak to a SEO expert

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